Critical Care Unit

Critical Care Unit

Critical care is a high-technology specialisation in medicine. People admitted are often dangerously ill on admission. They can also be high-risk cases - ill and with associated medical problems -stable but admitted for observation because they could develop a life threatening situation at any time. Proper critical care with timely diagnosis can save their lives. This second category benefits most from proper and scientific critical care.

Critically ill patients in a medically unstable state who require an intensive level of care (monitoring and treatment).

Critical Care units represent the apex of technical advancements in medicine. Such units integrate many specialities and diverse technologies, offering the possibility of survival to patients who would otherwise die. It is therefore obvious that the role of the Intensive Care services are vital and crucial to a tertiary care hospital, as the Critical Care unit contributes immensely to survival of acutely and critically ill patients.

There is a dedicated team of doctors involved in providing critical care services. These specialists, who have special training in the care of critically ill patients, work closely with other specialists like, surgeons of different specialties, cardiologists, nephrologists, gastroenterologists, paediatricians and other specialists in the hospital.

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