General Medicine

General Medicine

General Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases of the internal organs. Here you will find the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of a huge range of disorders affecting every part of the body. The journal covers up information regarding types of chronic illness and their diagnosis.

Our experienced physicians manage illness through evidence based medical care protocols that lead to improved health outcomes. We at our centre not only provide curative care but also preventive care and promote health by educating the patients and comprehensive health checks

General Medicine is the nation's leading provider of specialized post-hospitalist medical care services to managed care organizations, Medicare-Medicaid dual eligible programs, Medicare Advantage Plans, accountable care organizations' high-value provider networks, hospital systems and hospitalist programs.

General Medicine is further specialized depending on the organ or organ systems, such as cardiology, anesthesiology, endocrinology, nephrology etc.

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Health Care Guidance & Advice

Take care of Lungs

Air pollution can hurt your heart health and lungs too. About making restaurants, bars, and public areas smoke free for a better.

Diabetes on the rise

the most common form of diabetes, and for developing heart disease and stroke. Ask your health care provider about testing for pre-diabetes or diabetes if you have the following risk factors: a family history of diabetes; if you are overweight; have an inactive lifestyle (exercise less than three times a week).

Save A Life

Taking a CPR and first-aid class could help you save a life or the life of your child. The basic principles of CPR are respiratory arrest, choking, Heimlich maneuver, heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest, breathing difficulties, and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

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