Mr. B G Ramakrishnappa


The vision of Deccan Hospital began many years before it was finally crystallized. A vision to provide world-class services to every citizen of India, a country with vast disparities in the quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare services. We were young, idealistic, dedicated and motivated young professionals, concerned about the state of the country’s healthcare and wondering how to maintain the nobility of the medical profession.
'A compassionate humanitarian, dedicated to bringing healthcare within the economic and geographic reach of millions of patient's best describes Deccan Group.

We developed the concept of a collaborative team, working together to provide comprehensive care to patients, and demonstrating that modern medicine, in totality, could be practiced only through organized, complementary multi-speciality teams. The successful application of the concept of teamwork for holistic healthcare delivery proved successful and, within a short span of time.

Today the era of surgery is becoming more minimally invasive, image-guided and technologically driven. A modern surgery department must recognize these changes, embrace them. New paradigms in each of these areas are needed to face the future.

Deccan Hospital is build “For the people”. It is offering the best technical facilities both surgical / medical. Our Hospital has grown exponentially gaining patronage of patient. Deccan Hospital is a combination of multi super speciality and a team of medical leader for whom “Work is Worship”. We are here to serve the people with excellent medical care and high standards of clinical skills and expertise.

Our faculty brings creativity, and energy to help shape surgery as it will be practised and taught tomorrow. We hope that this website will help you to know us better. The hospital has a long and rich history of clinical excellence, educational/ surgical innovation, and research.

The our Hospital faculty is a mix of senior surgeons, accomplished, experienced surgeons and young, well trained surgical specialists eager to contribute their skills to teaching the craft of surgery.

Our Doctor Team