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Advanced Laboratory Services


Advanced Laboratory Services

At Deepasri Multispecialities Hospital, we aim to provide all our clients with reliable lab services. Our principle is to offer our patients impeccable lab results for accurate diagnosis. Our quality control and assurance programs ensure delivering high quality & accurate test results in compliance to international standards & guidelines. Our laboratory services has been fully accredited for its quality, precision and safety with experienced credential staff of pathologists and microbiologists.

Our laboratory performs more than 500 types of investigations. With the diverse testing ability, we are able to organize corporate drug testing program for employees’ health assessment. Most patients as we realize, are unable to leave their place of residents, unless someone is with them, use of crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, using external assistance, we recognize the difficulties of these patient group. At Deepasri Multispecialities Hospital, we keep our services affordable to all and convenient so we can build relationships with our customers that are meant to last a lifetime.

Our Specimen Collection services include:

  • 1. General Specimen
  • 2. Urine Collection
  • 3. Plasma Preparation
  • 4. Serum Preparation

Our Services include:

  • 1. Complete Blood Count
  • 2. Chemical Analysis
  • 3. Serology of HIV, HbsAg, Hep B etc.
  • 4. Microbiology
  • 5. Cultures and Sensitivities
  • 6. Urine Analysis
  • 7. Blood Matching
  • 8. Hematology
  • 9. Biochemistry
  • 10. Chemical Analysis
  • 11. Toxicology
  • 12. Surgical Pathology
  • 13. Immunology