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Diabetology & Ophthalmology



We Diabetologist provide high-class healthcare facilities for patients with diabetes and help them live a happy, healthy life. Our services also include Pre-Diabetes Care, Preventive Cardiology, Nephrology, Diabetes in Pregnancy, Diabetes Foot Care, Diabetes Eye Care, and Diabetes for Obesity Diabetes and Oral Healthcare.

At Deccan Multispecialities Hospital, we offer a disease management solutions ranging from diagnostic tools for predicting pre-diabetes, to facilities for the management of diabetes and its related complications.

Starting with your first visit we promise you a quality care not just for bringing your diabetes under control, but we also take care of every other related aspect of diabetes. You can find the right team of skilled healthcare professionals (Diabetologists, Dieticians, Diabetes educator, Podiatrist, Ophthalmologist and other related specialists) who will help you manage your diabetes in a holistic way.

Treatment & Procedures

List of services offered at Deccan Multispecialities Hospital are:

  • 1. Dietetic and Nutrition department to guide you to a healthy living with diabetes
  • 2. Therapy for the diabetic complications & managing emergency diabetic disorders
  • 3. Screening programs to rule out diabetes in the early stage
  • 4. Comprehensive Diabetic Checkup Package
  • 5. Education Programs to increase the awareness about diabetes, its complications, and prevention
  • 6. Detailed clinical assessments and management by the diabetologists


Diabetes is the body’s inability to process sugars and starches properly. Your body digests a meal and converts all the carbohydrates into glucose commonly referred to as blood sugar. The pancreas detects this sudden infusion of glucose and in response, produces the hormone insulin.

The Department identifies the requirements of the patients and prioritizes the quality care so that the patients have access to a wide range of services offered. The state-of-the-art technology of the Department brings the complete diabetic care under one roof while a holistic approach to lifestyle management and diet counselling plays an important role. Total care for the patients with diabetes such as managing diabetic foot ulcers, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, and diabetic neuropathy. Employing state-of-the-art technology of the Department seeks to bring complete diabetic care under one roof while employing lifestyle and nutritional counseling as a component of the treatment.



Ophthalmology refers to that branch of medicine that deals with the physiology, structure, anatomy and diseases related to the eyes. Ophthalmologists are physicians and since they perform operations on eyes, they are considered as both surgical and medical specialists. A wide range of conditions and disorders can be examined from the eye.

Ophthalmologists provide many eye care services including:

  • 1. Medical Eye Care which includes conditions like Glaucoma, Chemical burns and Iritis.
  • 2. Treatment and diagnosis of eye conditions that are related to other disorders like arthritis or diabetes.
  • 3. Vision services like Eye exams
  • 4. Surgical eye care which includes disorders like crossed eyes, cataracts, trauma among other problems.

At Deccan Multispecialities Hospital Department of Ophthalmology, we provide expert treatment and care for all kinds of eye related problems including a simple routine eye examination to more severe conditions of the eye and its surrounding structures. Our highly qualified team of ophthalmologists is fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for treating eye disorders like cataracts, corneal and external diseases, glaucoma, aesthetics, pediatric ophthalmicdiseases etc.